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palembang goes international !

Palembang is the capital of the province of south Sumatra, in southern Indonesia. It is set on the banks of the Musi river, the longest in Indonesia.

Palembang was the capital of a Buddhist kingdom of the emperor Srivijaya. It remained the capital from the 7th century to the 14th century A.D. The Dutch established a trading post in the city in 1659, and also built a fort. The Japanese occupied it during the second World War, and currently, since it has a working port, is an important trade venue.

The Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport has both domestic and international flights. It connects Palembang with most important cities in Indonesia. There are some samples of architecture bearing the effects of Dutch colonization in the city.

The most important attraction is the bridge on the Musi river. It is the largest bridge in all of Indonesia. Another place to see is the Masjid Agung Grand Mosque. A beautiful mosque, it has gone through a number of renovation. It has traces of the Buddhist architecture from the days of the Buddhist empire in Palembang. A trip down the Musi river is also an immensely pleasant experience.

Palembang is famous for its traditional recipe, Pempek fish cakes. Pempek or Empek-Empek is a delicacy, made from fish and sago. It is eaten with a dark sauce called Cuko or Cuka, which is made from brown sugar, chili pepper, garlic and salt.

Accommodation in Palembang is top-notch,with modern hotels, with restaurants serving very good food and fast food outlets and joints abundant on the streets of the city.

here are some of the latest project of the government !!


1. Grand Musi (Mall, Hotel, Convention Centre, and Apartment) – 50 to 55 Storey
2. Sky Plaza in Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport
3. Sheraton Bandara Hotel
4. Palembang Square Phase II (Cinema & Entertaintment Center)
5. Palembang Library
6. JM Hypermall (ex. Poltabes Palembang)
7. GIANT Hypermall (ex. HERO)
8. Auto Mall Jakabaring
9. Palembang World Trade Center Jakabaring – Bank Sumsel Central Building – 9 Storey
10. Bank Central Asia (BCA) Building – 20 Storey
11. International Plaza (IP) Phase II
12. Palembang Islamic Center in Jakabaring Development Area
13. Palembang’s International Circuit in Jakabaring Development Area
14. Palembang Town Square – Beside PTC
15. The Multi Terminal (Warehousing, Railway Station, Bus station, River Port, Cointainer Terminal, and Office building) in Karya Jaya Bus Station
16. Sriwijaya Mall (ex. Mapolda)
17. Ilir Barat Permai Apartment, 10 Block – 5 to 10 Storey (ex. Rusun)
18. Flyover Simpang Patal - 2008
19. Flyover Simpang Bandara
20. Underpass Simpang Christian Charitas Hospital
21. Flyover simpang Jakabaring
22. Flyover Simpang Musi II
23. Sulthon Hotel (4 Stars) - 20 Storey
24. Ibis Hotel
25. Mercure Hotel
26. Tol Road Palembang to Inderalaya - 2008
27. Railway Kertapati to Tanjung Siapi-Api
28. Musi Hotel
29. Mahligai Hotel
30. Pemprov Sumsel Tower - 27 Storey
31. Sahid Hotel
32. Musi III Bridge - 2008
33. Grand Horison - 20 or 27 Storey (2008)


1. Srivijaya University Extention Development
2. Kampung Kapitan Plan – front of Benteng Kuto Besak (BKB Plaza)
3. New DPRD Palembang Building in Jakabaring Development Area
4. Runway Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin International Airport from 2500 to 3000
5. New Governor Office in Jakabaring Development Area
6. Rasunawa 20 Block
7. Ring Road Palembang to Tanjung Siapi-Api Harbour
8. ITC Palembang (ex. Megahria Kolonel Atmo)
9. Laser Installation and LED in Ampera Bridge (wait for materials)
10. Palembang’s Agropolitan City
11. Fantasy Island Phase II
12. Palembang Medical Center (Bari Hospital) in Jakabaring, joint with Malaka Medical Center
13. Cheng Ho Mosque in Jakabaring Development Area
14. Kemaro Island Pagoda – 7 Storey
15. Rajawali Condotel & Business Center
16. Belvena Mediterania Hotel – 9 Storey
17. Kambang Iwak Family Park
18. Flyover Simpang Polda
19. Simpang Lima Kampus Park
20. Tridinanti University - 8 to 9 Storey
21. Palembang Star Warehouse
22. Indosat Building - 8 to 9 Storey
23. The Fame Citywalk Palembang – 4 to 5 Storey
24. Swiss Belhotel – 20 to 30 Storey
25. Kantor Wilayah Pajak Sumsel & Babel - 5 Storey

On Hold:
1. Srivijaya Hospital – 8 Storey

1. Quailty Daira Hotel Palembang – 9 Storey
2. Development and Extention of Asrama Haji Ballroom Building
3. Palembang’s Dr. M. Hoesin Hospital Development
4. Ring Road Soekarno Hatta to Alang-Alang Lebar Bus Station
5. Royal Asia Hotel Development – 9 Storey
6. Telkomsel Building

Kawasan Terpadu dan pengembangan dikota Palembang:

Bandara - Tj siapi-api (Industri & Pergudangan):
Fasilitas Penunjang lain yang bakal dimiliki:
- Hotel bintang 4 area bandara
- Comercial centre area bandara
- Jal Tol (Tj Siapi-api - Pelabuhan International)
- Rel Kereta apai (Tj siapi - Pelabuhan International)
- Fly Over simpang bandara & Tanjung siapi-api
- Kawasan pemukiman

Kawasan Terpadu Jakabaring (Sport Centre, Gov - non Office Building &comercial)
Fasilitas Penunjang lain yang bakal dimiliki:
- Exhibition Hall (WTC Palembang)
- Fly over simpang Jakabaring
- Gedung Dinas bersama Lingkungan Pemko Palembang
- Gedung DPRD Kota Palembang
- International Hospital

Kawasan Soekarno Hatta/Alang2 Lebar (Pemukiman Elit, Pergudangan, Pendidikan & Comercial)
Fasilitas penunjang yang bakal dimiliki:
- Pengembangan Kawasan 200ha by Ciputra (Pemukiman Elit, Comercial, Office Building, lapangan golf,etc)
- International Hospital
- Intenational school
- mini sport centre
- Kawasan Terpadu Karya Jaya
- Kawasan Terpadu Pemukiman Rusun Kertapati
- Kawasan Terpadu Gandus dan Musi 2
- Kawasan Pendidikan Terpadu Plaju

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